Group F — VSIP Bach Ninh

Location: VSIP

VSIP standing for Vietnam singapore industrial park is a joint venture project between a singapore consortium led by Sembcorp industries and becomes a state-owned company of vietnam. it was established in 1996 as a government-to-government project.

Where? VSIP is located at the boundary of Ha Noi and Bach Ninh Province.

What? The whole are is 700 hectares 
The industrial area is 500 hectare and the residential and commercial area is 200 hectares.
In the year 2007 is the first project VSIP Bach Ninh is created.
The major shareholders are known companies such as Sembcorp and Becamex 
The strategy of VSIP is a fast start up conductive environment and smooth operations
Some of the typical tenants are companies such as Siemens, Toyota, Maple tree, Oishi etc.

Strategy: Bach ninh has a strategic locations such as being close to amenities and surrounded by highways.VSIP also has a strong customer service track record to ensure equality in salaries to ensure no conflict is caused among the workers.
Bach ninh surpasses HCMC,Hanoi and vietnam for GDP growth (gross domestic products)
Bach ninh is close to labour pock as there are lot of fresh graduates eat ear as 60% of the universities of vietnam is in hanoi thus it has a large labour pool

i believe that going to VSIP is a very interesting area as it is a place for many business opportunities.i believe that VSIP is a very smart way of increasing the economy in Hanoi and Singapore. i also think that  through this Singapore can work together with other countries and form ties with them and not have any conflicts within one another. Through my journey in VSIP i learnt that there are many business opportunities in there, and after listening to the talk i have learnt what are the troubles in creation a business and how we can solve it - Wilbur Hoong (s106)

VSIP was a very interesting place as there aren't any in Singapore and thus this was an eye opener to me. I find this ideas very interesting as it is almost like a mini city. This trip also showed me the various ways countries could work hand in hand and boost the economy of the country. After the talk, I learnt many things about why VSIP's were created. I also learnt about the various business techniques done by big companies. With these skills in life, we can strive forward and do wonders - Theodor Lim (s105)

From the day 4 and the visit at VSIP, I found that it was a massive place with tons of free space and we were shown a mini model of the whole thing and there was tons of free space. I also learnt that Singapore and Vietnam works together to achieve greater results and therefore reach higher goals. As we all know, Singapore doesn’t have much free space, and if you want to afford the land in the VSIP, it will be beyond expensive. Therefore when Singapore has the VSIP it will give them sufficient space for Singapore investors to invest in. Since Singapore has the investors and the technology and Vietnam has the space and service, together this will be beneficial to both parties. This teaches us, that for us to be more successful in life, we have to work together in harmony as each of us has their own area of expertise and combined, miracles will happen -Denzel Supriyadi (s105)

The VSIP trip was very meaningful as it is good proof that countries can collaborate together and produce useful and productive results. It also shows the cooperation between   countries can produce meaningful outcomes, and that an industrial park can not consist of only a place to work, but also a place where Singaporeans, Vietnamese and people of other countries can also live in, train and use for recreational activities. I feel that VSIP Bac Ninh is a good idea as it promotes collaboration between countries and also gives workers  a place to have fun, live and advance in their chosen careers.-Malcolm Ang (s105)

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