Group E — Nguyen Du Junior High

During the Hanoi Global Citizenship Program trip, we had the privilege to visit Nguyen Du Junior High School. The school has a long history starting from the 1970s. The school has over 2000 students and 42 classes with around 50 students each.
The students in the school were very inviting and they welcomed us with open arms. All the students were very friendly and they tried to make conversation with us despite not knowing the english language well. We also received local gifts from our buddies. At the end of the day, we had learnt many interesting things about our buddies and a little about their school.
The school campus was quite big. The school was well facilitated with 2 science labs, 2 computer labs, large courtyard where students play during their spare time and their physical education lessons. Classrooms also have blackboards which teachers use to teach.

We had really enjoyed our time in Nguyen Du High School and hope that they can also visit us in the near future.

Ice Breaker Games with students of both schools

Making new friends

Cultural performance by Nguyen Du High School

Reflections- Lee Yong Lin(S103)
I feel that visiting Nguyen Du Junior High School was a good experience for us. Firstly, the students were very welcoming and friendly. They made two lines at the entrance of their school and clapped for us as we walked in as a way of welcoming us. The students in Nguyen Du Junior High School also somewhat liked learning in school as the teachers were passionate about teaching them. The classrooms in the school were not as high tech as SST and they used blackboards and had no projector for technology use. Lastly the students were actually quite friendly and tried to make conversation with us.  

Reflections- Sandy Khoo(S101)
I think that the people in Nguyen Du High School are very friendly and welcoming. They do have a good command of English so we did not have any difficulties communicating with each other. The performances shown are very captivating and entertaining to watch. The games had certainly brought joy to both us and them. Gifts were exchanged and I managed to make some friends. Though the facilities there are lacking compared to us, for example, they are still using blackboards while we are now using whiteboards, even the projector, but I feel that they are still very happy and hope that their school conditions can improve to further enrich their learning there.

Reflections- Teh Howe Wee(S103)
The students were all very friendly towards us, they welcomed us with open arms and they cheered and waved fans as we came into the school. The welcome was very warm and friendly. After that we went to the hall, they performed various the traditional performances. 
The performances was very enjoyable even thought their was a power outage halfway through. During the outage they entertained us with ice breaking games which was very entertaining. The students exchanged gifts with us, the souvenirs that they gave us were very thoughtful. Then they showed us around the school where we show the various facilities in the campus. Although they were lacking in command of English they made up for it in their friendliness towards us. We exchanged emails between buddies. I really enjoyed the school visit very much and would love to go again.

Reflections- Dylaine Ho (S108)
When we first arrived at Nguyen Du Junior High School, the students there welcomed us with open arms, standing near the entrance of the school with wide smiles. When we arrived at the school hall, there were performances by the students that brightened up the atmosphere and allowed me to understand more of their culture by watching and listening to their traditional dances songs.
After the performances, some of our students participated in ice-breaking games, with a mix of our students and the Nguyen Du Junior High School students in each team. The first game they played was similar to the ‘three-legged race’, but students did not stand in a horizontal line, rather a vertical one. The second game was for 
At Nguyen Du Junior High School, the students were really friendly and did their best to carry a conversation with us to keep us from being lonely despite their small vocabulary of the english language. Our buddies showed us around the school personally, explaining to the best of their ability what the students in the various classrooms were doing.


  1. I'm phuong ha from Nguyen Du Junior High school.
    I'm really happy that you have a good memory of our school.

  2. Hi Phuong Ha,

    It is good to hear from you.

    We really enjoyed visiting your school and we hope to have you and your schoolmates at SST nest year!

    ~Bryan Goh

  3. Oh! I hope so! Are you camera man?

  4. Hi Phuong Ha,

    Yes, I was the camera man! :)