Group D1 — Ha Long Bay and Boat Cruise

Ha Long Bay: It is one of the UNESCO world Heritage site, it is located in the Quang Ninh province and is a popular travel site, in which the bay belongs to the Ha long City. The bay features many limestone karst and isles in different shapes and sizes.Ha Long Bay has an area of around 1,553 km2, including 1,960 islets, most of which are limestone. The core of the bay has undergone 500 million years formation in different conditions and environment.

Luke-John Lee's reflection: We had an enriching experience on the boat cruise, enjoying the scenery and the scrumptious food prepared for us. We enjoyed the good weather in Hanoi. A lot of nice pictures were taken during the boat cruise of the scenic islands and the boats. The breeze on the top level of the boat was very refreshing. We had a good time inspecting the sea creatures on the floating village of Ha Long Bay. They were interesting in their movement, one of them even looked like it was putting up a performance! It was flipping around in the water and twisting its body. The Dong Tien Cung Cave was interesting as the rock formations actually had a story within them. The colours in the cave were very vibrant as there were colourful lights to light up the cave. It was an interesting experience as some of the rocks actually had ripples in them and resemble people's actions and activities.

Tan Yu Tao's reflection: I thought that Ha Long Bay was amazing with the many different rock formations that are rarely seen. I thought that the tour guide gave many information on the Bay which was useful and informative. When we arrived at the cave I was not expecting the Dong Tien Cung cave to be that amazing with the many cave formation that took millions of years to form, but when we entered it I was amazed at the formation. The tour guide gave us descriptions of the area and how the many rock formation seemed to form figures like monkeys and turtles. The floating village was also quite interesting on how they managed to make the village float in the water. They also bread fishes there on a floating platform where they would breed the fish in nets which was interesting. At the platform there were dogs on the floating platforms which amazed me how they survived on it.

Dexter Lim's reflection: The cave is named dong tien cung, meaning palace of the heaven cave. At one point of the cave there is a hole that shines a beam of light, which seems to come from heaven. In the cave there are many different types of rock structures and formation. In the cave there are a few holes where a few people place money as they believe that they will live longer by doing that. After visiting Halong bay, I realize that people can live in floating villages and can thrive in it. To me, it was impossible for anyone to live in such places. I also sympathize the people living in the floating villages as the tour guide said they have difficulties in doing daily activities. I also felt that nature could do many fascinating things after visiting the cave dong tien cung. I saw that nature could make different rock structures and shapes, which I did not expect that.

Kenneth Han's reflection: I thought that Ha Long Bay was very impressive with the good view and did not disappointment after the 3 hour bus ride.My first impression of the place was that I was fascinated by the amazing view it provided.After that, we boarded the boat and went to a floating fishing village.We walked around before boarding the boat again and ate lunch.The food was very good especially the clam and fish.After a while we stopped at Dong Tien Cung cave and it was amazing.There was a rock formation in a shape of a turtle climbing a hill which I thought was amazing then the rock formations became more bizarre with one in the shape of a dragon.It amazed me how a cave could form those weird shapes naturally and it was definitely a worthwhile experience to visit it.It was also very educational learning more about vietnam and how beautiful it is.

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